January 18, 2022 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 pm

Lexington Livestock Market, LLC

Lexington NE

Tuesday January 18th 2022

Special Bred Heifers/Cow Auction

Butcher Cows 9:00 AM Bred Heifers/[email protected] NOON

5              Angus Fall 4 & 5 Yr Old Pairs                                                                                            KENT GUTHARD


112         Angus Heifers (72) AI’d Brickyard (40) Bred Angus-Calf February 10th                 DEAN GOAD

107         27 Red Simm X Hfrs (12) AI’d Conquest Red Ang-Calf Feb 14th-1 day

(15) BB-Bred LBW Red Ang-Calf Mar 1st-40 days 80 Angus & Angus X

(61) AI’d to Brener Ang-Calf Feb 18th-10 days (19) BB-Bred LBW Angus

Calf March 18th-15 days(1st scour guard & poured)                                                     ALLEN KAHL

80           F1X Bwf, & Rwf Heifers-Bred LBW Ang-Calf Feb 27th-45 days

(all OCV, no brands, 1st scour guard, poured, home raised)                                        CAMPBELL AG INC

45           Angus Heifers-AI’D to Hitchcock-Calf February 23rd

Cleaned up Angus for 30 days-1st Scour Shot                                                               2 RANCH LLC

35           Angus & few Bwf Heifers-Bred LBW Hasenhower Angus Bulls

Calf February 25th-60 days (1st Scour)                                                                            MCDERMITT RANCH

32           Angus & Bwf Heifers-Bred LBW Ang Triangle J-Calf Mar 15th-75 days RON & WADE KEARNEY

25           Angus Heifers AI’d-1 day Solution & Justified                                                             JEREMY VAN BOENING

12           F1X Bwf Heifers-AI’d 2 days to Angus Landslide-Calf March 15th

Cleaned up to Hereford Alliance Bull-2nd scour boss & poured                                 JUSTIN &



90           Angus Mostly 2nd & 3rd Calvers-Bred Angus-Calf March 1st                                       T & K FARMS

90           Angus & few Bwf 2nd to 5 Yr Olds-Bred Angus-Calf March 10th                               STEWART PETERS

60           Angus Solid & few Broken Mouth-Bred Kraye & Vision Angus

Calf March 10th-60 days (all shots & poured)                                                               KURT & ERIN KUGLER

41           Angus Solid to Broken Mouth-Bred Angus-Calf February 1st                                    REX MCCLAIN

35           Angus Short Solid to Broken Mouth-Bred Ang-Calf Mar 20th-75 days                    MIKE MONSON

35           Angus Solid to Broken Mouth-Bred Angus-Calf March 20th-75 days                      MATT NEIL

27           Angus & Bwf Short Solid to Broken Mouth-Bred Ang-Calf Mar 25th-70 days       MCDERMITT RANCH

21           Angus Short Solid to Broken Mouth-Bred Angus-Calf March 1st-60 days              JIM RICHARDS

20           Angus & Bwf Broken Mouth-Bred Angus-Calf February 25th                                   ZIEGLER FARMS

20           Angus 8 Yr Olds-Bred Angus-Calf March 1st                                                 SCHROCK LAND & CATTLE

17           Angus Solid to Broken Mouth-Bred Hereford-Calf February 1st                               DON JIVIDEN

15           Angus & Bwf Broken Mouth-Bred Schurrtop Ang or Char-Calf Feb 20th-70 daysOWEN WILSON &


14           Angus Broken Mouth-Bred Angus-Calf February 10th                                                                LLOYD LAPP

10           Angus 3 Yr Olds-Bred XA Hereford-Calf July 25th-60 days                                        TAD & ANNA HENKENIUS

10           Angus & Red 3 to Solid Mouth-Bred Hueftle Red Ang-Calf Apr 15th-60 days       WILEY FARR

9              Angus Broken Mouth-Bred Angus-Calf March 20th-60 days                                     SHANE HRASKY

6              Angus & Red Angus 2nd to Broken Mouth-Bred Red Ang-April & May Calvers    JAKE & ERIN FAIRLEY

4              Rwf & Hereford 4 to 10 Yr Olds-Bred Angus-Calf March 1st-70 days                     CODY & SAMUAL WOLF