December 22, 2017 @ 8:00 am – 9:00 pm

Lexington Livestock Market, LLC

  Lexington NE

December 22nd 2017

Special Bred Cow/Heifer Auction 1500 HEAD

Butcher Cows 8:00 AM* Bred Heifer @ NOON Followed by Cows/Pairs

(#2 – 7 Way, 4 Way & Pasturella, #4 – #2 with Booster, P – Poured & W – Weaned


130         Angus & Angus X 1st Calf Heifers-AI’d to Top Gun Blue Print-2 days

                Calf Feb 1st                                                                                                           ROBISON FARMS

100         Angus 1st Calf Heifers-AI’D to LT Forefront 3287-Calf Feb 10th-2 days

                Home raised or purchased from Lindskov Ranch Bull                                               LINDSKOV RANCH

70           Angus Heifers-Bred Crestson of 10X-Calf Feb 25th-45 days

                1st scour shot                                                                                                         DWAIN & DELORES KRANZ

55           Angus Heifers-AI’d Conneally Trooper-Calf Feb 5th-4 days                      X BAR RANCH (DENNIS


50           Angus 2nd Calf Heifers-Bred Angus-Calf March 1st                                      X BAR RANCH (DENNIS


40           Red Angus 2nd Calf Heifers-AI’D to Epic-1 day-Calf Feb 4th

                Complete dispersion                                                                                           JUSTIN NITSCH

30           Angus Heifers(15) Calf Feb 5th- 10 days (15) Feb 25th -10 days

                Bred to LBW Bulls                                                                                              DEAN MCCLATCHEY

20           Red Angus Heifers-Bred Red Angus-Calf Mar 10th-60 days-1st scour      KEVIN BURKE & SONS

10           Red Angus Heifers-AI’D to Premier-1 day-Calf Feb 4th-home raised       JUSTIN NITSCH


16           Angus & Bwf 3 to 5 Yr Old Fall Pairs-running back w/Angus

                & Char Bulls                                                                                                         MARK BUCKLEY

12           Angus & Bwf 5 Yr Old to Short Solid Fall Pairs-running back

                w/ Angus & Char Bulls                                                                                       SHARON BOYLE & DAVE



220         Angus & Bwf (70) 3 to 5 Yr Old(125) Solids(25) Broken Mouth Cows

                Bred Angus-Calf March 20th- complete dispersion                                        DUSTY LEWIS

160         Angus & Bwf 3 & 4 Yr Olid Cows-Bred Angus-Calf Mar 1st                       K & S MCDONALD FARMS

140         Angus & Bwf short term Cows-Bred Angus-Calf Mar 1st                            SMITH FARMS

80           Angus & Bwf Solid to Broken Mouth Cows-Bred Angus or Char

                Calf February 10th – 90 days                                                                            TF CATTLE LLC

65           Angus & few Red Solid to Broken Mouth Cows-Bred Angus or Sim Angus

                Calf March 1st-60 days-complete shot program                                           PANDORF LAND & CATTLE

60           Angus & Bwf 2nd Calvers to Solid-Bred Angus or Hereford                      CHRISTINA KRANZ &

                                                                                                                                                RICK CASE

45           Angus 3 to 4 Yr Old Cows-Bred Angus-Calf Mar 15th-60 days                  JD RANCH

40           Angus Solid to Running Age Cows-Bred Hereford or Angus-                     DIAMOND J RANCH

                Calf Mar 15th –complete dispersion                                                                 (NORMAN JOHNSON)

40           Angus 3 to 4 Yr Old Cows-Bred Angus-Calf March 10th-50 days              JM CATTLE

20           Angus & Bwf 3 to 6 Yr Old(10)Springers(10)Pairs-Bred Angus or Char   JIM DEAN

8              Red Angus Short Solid to Broken Mouth Cows-Bred Red Angus

                Calf March 1st-45 days                                                                                      GEORGE SMITH