December 5, 2017 @ 8:00 am – 9:00 pm






Lexington Livestock Market, LLC

  Lexington NE

December 5th 2017

Special Bred Cow/Heifer Auction 1000 HEAD

Butcher Cows 9:00 AM* Bred Cows/Heifers @Noon

(#2 – 7 Way, 4 Way & Pasturella, #4 – #2 with Booster, P – Poured & W – Weaned


50           Hereford Heifers-Bred Red Angus-Calf Mar 20th-70 days                          STRUMPLER & HENDRICKS

15           Bwf Heifers-Bred Red Angus-Calf Mar 20th-70 days                                  STRUMPLER & HENDRICKS

3              Angus 1st Calf Heifer Fall Pairs                                                                         DEAN DALLMANN


144         Angus 2nd Calvers-Broken Mouth Cows-Bred Angus-Calf Mar 10th

                Complete dispersion                                                                                           KEARNEY LAND & CATTLE

110         Angus & Angus X (25) 3rd Calvers (85) Solid to Broken Mouth Cows

                Bred Jaeger Blk-Simm-Calf Mar 10th– partial dispersion                             LARRY,PAT, & JASON YOUNG

95           Angus Heifers(56) AI’d EF Compliment 8088-Calf Feb 22nd-1 day

                (39) Bred LBW Angus-Calf Mar 3rd-50 days-1st Scour shot                       WILSON LAND & CATTLE

69           Angus & Bwf 3 Yr Old to Broken Mouth Cows-complete shot program

                Bred Blk Angus Herdmaster Bulls-Calf Mar 7th

                Retirement Complete Dispersion-308-539-2111                                          TULLIS & TULLIS

50           Angus & Bwf Short Solid to Broken Mouth Cows-Bred Char

                Calf March 1st -75 days                                                                                     SELLERS CATTLE CO

50           Angus Short Solid to Broken Mouth Cows-Bred Angus & Char

                Calf-March 12th-60 days                                                                                   BRENT GENGENBACH

40           Angus 3 to 7 Yrl Old Cows-Bred Angus-Calf Mar 1st-75 days                    KEN & TRACY ADKISSON

40           Angus 2nd & 3rd Calvers-Bred Angus,Hereford,&Char-Calf Apr & May  BILL SHOTKOSKI

30           Angus Short Solid to Broken Mouth Cows-Bred Angus & Angus Simm

                Calf February 10th– 60 days                                                                              MASON ANGUS& SIM ANGUS

25           Angus & Bwf Broken Mouth Cows-Bred Hereford or Angus

                Calf February 13th– 60 days                                                                              BILL KELLER

25           Angus & Bwf Short Solid & Broken Mouth Cows-Bred Hereford or Angus

                Calf March 1st– 70 days                                                                                     DOUG HOUSER

20           Red Angus Heifers-Bred Simm Angus-Calf Feb 1st                                      CAROL WELLS

20           Red Angus & Angus Simm X Short Solid to Broken Mouth Cows

                Bred Angus Or Red Limm-Calf February 15th– 50 days                              DAN SMITH

14           Red Angus Broken Mouth Cows-Bred Simm Angus-Calf Mar 1st             DUSTIN MUMM

14           Angus & Bwf Short Solid & Broken Mouth Cows-Bred Angus & Hereford

                Calf March 15th– 60 days                                                                                   GREG & TAMMY JOHNSON

13           Angus & Bwf Solid to Broken Mouth Cows-Bred Angus

                Calf March 15th-60 days                                                                                    CATTLE CONNECTION

12           (5) Angus&(7)Hereford 4 Yr Old Cows-Calf March 15th-45 days             CATTLE CONNECTION

10           Angus Solid To Broken Mouth Cows-Bred Hereford or Angus

                Calf March 12th– 60 days                                                                                   KERRY BARNES